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“I signed up for Lunarmail for one reason, to get unlimited free trials from a popular streaming service. It works!”

Jonathan W.
Verified Customer

“Lunarmail is great for me because now when I purchase online I can use a new email address to get deals, that I wouldn't have been able to get before because I didn't have another email address to use... It's awesome that I no longer need to use my personal email to buy online anymore. Lunarmail is truly an amazing product...”

Nicole A.
Verified Customer

“Just joined the other day - love the product 🎉 saved me $20 already in one transaction. Thanks!!”

Casey H.
Verified Customer

How LunarMail Works

The next time an e-commerce or online service site asks for your email address for a coupon or free trial, follow the steps below instead of giving them your primary email address. Then repeat as often as you like.

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