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Rovers protect your inbox, your data, your privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does LunarMail work?

  • LunarMail helps you protect your privacy by giving you the ability to create & use custom disposable email addresses that we affectionately call "Rovers". These Rovers are used as a protective layer around your real email address that you need to protect. These rovers forward all incoming emails to your personal or primary email address. LunarMail never captures data or stores any of your emails, anywhere.
  • If you want to stop receiving emails from a sender you can turn that Rover off from our extension or dashboard and you will stop getting those emails delivered to your real inbox. At any time you can disable that Rover and you will stop being forwarded those emails from that sender. If you want to turn them on later, you certainly can, but you stay in control!

2. Does LunarMail replace my email?

  • Nope, we just PROTECT your email! You won't have to change how you login to view or send emails. LunarMail is a layer of protection for your already existing email address.

3. LunarMail Chrome Extension & Dashboard

  • Chrome Extension - If you use Chrome, you're in luck! Rovers are easy to create, access, control right from the browser. You can click the LM icon on your toolbar (gif here) to quickly access all LunarMail features. Generate your rover email address
  • Inline - Additionally if you're using chrome you can even get a new Rover from the website you are browsing by clicking the icon where sites ask for your email address. Generate your rover email address
  • Right click - If you're using a computer & chrome to browse, you can also right click on any field on any site that is asking for your email address. Generate your rover email address
  • Dashboard - Use the dashboard anytime, anywhere to generate Rovers from any browser or device. You'll get complete control of all of the features of LunarMail. Including being able to update your billing and email preferences. Generate your rover email address

4. Why should I not just give away my personal email address?

  • That's actually a really bad idea unless you absolutely know and trust the person (or company) you're giving it to. Candidly, you should not ever just give it away online. There are so many benefits to NOT giving out your email address that we have broken it down info further sections below.

5. Why should I not give away your email when shopping online?

  • The Problem: Often times ecommerce sites (online retailers) sell your private data to make money.
  • LM Solution: Use a LunarMail Rover so that when they do sell your data it will not be your personal email address. This will keep your identity and other online accounts safe.
  • The Problem: Retargeting. Ecommerce sites will SPAM you incessantly trying to drive you back to their site to make purchases. You should be in control or what email reaches your primary inbox and not waste time on JUNK mail or SPAM.
  • LM Solution: By using a Rover you can immediately shut down senders. With the toggle of a button from our extension or dashboard you can turn off Rovers and stop senders from reaching your primary inbox.
  • The Problem: Ecommerce websites are and always will be targets for hackers. This is a problem for you because data breaches happen all the time and it is a bad idea to lose your personal identifying information. It is even worse when that information is also tied to your email address.
  • LM Solution: By using a rover they'll never be able to gain access to your real email address. This protects you in a number of ways; but, the most obvious example is the fact that often times we log into online services via just our EMAIL address and PASSWORD! If your email address is compromised that gives bad actors 1 of the 2 items that they need to gain access to your account.

6. How does not giving away my email address keep my data private?

  • Data breaches happen every single day, in just 2019 AT LEAST 7.9 billion records, including credit card numbers, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and other highly sensitive information, have been exposed.
  • By not providing your primary email address online you are adding an additional layer of protection. Giving vendors a Rover instead of your real email address means that the bad actors will not know your email address or the services that you use online. Read more about that here.

7. How does using a Rover keep me from being tracked online?

  • Bad actors or data firms can track your online activity based upon your email address. For example, you use your email address to sign into your bank account, your social media accounts, your political accounts, your shopping accounts. If they have your primary email address they can build a profile on your email address and figure out where you bank, your political affiliations, where you shop, and what websites you visit.

8. How will using a Rover keep me in control of SPAM?

  • Using Rovers will allow you to stay in control because you are able to turn off Rovers with the toggle of the button from our extension.

9. What's a Rover?

  • A rover is a disposable email address that we create for you. We IMMEDIATELY forward that email to your primary inbox.
  • You can create your own Rover by giving it a unique name or we can create a Rover for you.

10. Can I Create my own Rover?

  • You sure can. Give it any name you like, here's an example of how to accomplish that:

11. We can create a Rover for you!

  • If you're using the extension we can also create a Rover for you with one click.
  • Our extension will read the name of the URL you are visiting in the active tab of your browser and then append a random sequence of characters to create a Rover associated to the site you are browing

12. What's my "primary inbox"?

  • That's the the term we use to describe whatever you use for your email. GMail, Outlook, AOL mail, etc.
  • LunarMail works with any email client or provider. We will immediately forward email sent to your Rover on to your primary inbox.

13. How many Rovers do I get?

  • For all of our plans you start with 20 Rovers. We will gladly supply you with more Rovers too. You just need to email us (Support[at] and ask for them! We are asking our users to email us for more than 20 so we can understand their use case to better our product and prevent abuse.

14. Where can I use my Rover?

  • You can use your Rover on any website, app, or any service that needs an email address.
  • You can also give your email address to people you're not too sure about or that you do not want to have your primary inbox.
  • You can also use it on sites like Craigslist / FB marketplace where you may need to be reached via email but you don't know the people who will be sending you emails.

15. Can I use my Rover from mobile?

  • Absolutely! We're going to create a mobile app too; but, for now, you can visit the dashboard from your mobile device and copy / paste the email address.

16. How do Rovers get created?

17. How does LunarMail help stop SPAM?

  • No one can stop it; we just keep you in CONTROL of it. From our dashboard or extension you can quickly and easily toggle off a Rover and immediately STOP getting SPAM! See that in action right here.

18. How does LunarMail help me shop online?

  • Big time. In addition to all the privacy and SPAM control LunarMail will also get you a lot of discounts!
  • Oftentimes shopping sites will offer you "first time shopper discounts" where if you just enter your email address you can get 10, 15, or 25% off of your first order. Well, if you've entered your real email address already you won't be able to take advantage of that. But, with LunarMail, you can take advantage of these deals every single time!
  • If you're using a trial service that needs an email address to get another 7 days. Well... 👀... click a button and enjoy another 7 days with by generating a new Rover!

19. How does using LunarMail protect me from data breaches?

  • Data breaches happen every single day, in just 2019 AT LEAST 1 billion records, including credit card numbers, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and other highly sensitive information, have been exposed.
  • LunarMail protects you from this because by using Rovers you're never giving away your real email address which you use for critical services like online banking. Therefore losing a disposable email address does not put you at risk like it would if you actually lost your personal email address which bad actors could use and gain access to your account.
  • Furthermore, it protects you because the other personal information that is likely leaked can not be tied back to your personal email address. This will help mitigate hackers using your personal information to crack your password, reset your password, or answer security questions that could lead to identity theft.

20. When should I use the extension and when should I use the dashboard?

  • We love both, you will too. That said, when browsing, the most convenient thing to use is the Chrome extension. Why? Well, there's no need to navigate anywhere else. You can access all of your Rovers or generate a new one right from the site that you're on.
  • The dashboard will also allow you to create a new Rover but you will have to navigate to to do so.
  • The dashboard will work with any browser or device and allow you to generate those amazing Rovers.
  • The dashboard will allow you to name your own Rover! Then you can reuse it for multiple sites. E.g. -
  • The dashboard provides additional functionality for things like managing your payments or changing your primary email address.

21. Why does LunarMail cost money?

  • Well, it does not cost much money! Right now, for our "Lunar Launch Pricing" you can enjoy all of the benefits of LunarMail for only $2! That's less than a Starbucks coffee!
  • You get even more discounts if you opt into a yearly or lifetime plan. HINT: Those are the ways to go. You'll get locked into LunarMail for the life of the product and never worry about monthly plan price increases.

22. What happens if I don't get my email?

  • More often than not, it is because the email never got sent to the LunarMail Rover. We've seen that quite a bit; but, if you email us we can check the logs to make sure there's no issue with your Rover.

23. What if I change my primary inbox?

  • No problem, we'll send you a verification to the email you want to change it to and then you'll be all set. You can do this from the LunarMail dashboard

24. Does LunarMail store a copy of the emails that are forwarded?

  • Nope, no way, never. We do not read, store, or process your emails in any way. We create Rovers and they're used to immediately forward to your primary inbox.

25. Does LunarMail have access to my primary inbox?

  • We do not, we only forward emails from the Rovers directly to your primary inbox. Keeping you safer, your data private & untraceable!

26. Can I see how many emails I've gotten from a sender?

  • You sure can, you can see precisely how many messages have been forward to your primary inbox from each of your Rovers.
  • Additionally, if you've turned OFF your Rover you can see how much SPAM / Junk mail never even made it to your primary inbox. By blocking all this email Rovers are keeping you safer, focused on the emails that matter, & protecting your identity.

27. Can I use my Rover at more than one website or service?

  • You sure can. You can use a Rover address at as many sites as you like. There are some pro & cons to this approach.
  • PROS:
    • You keep more Rovers free for other things
    • Easy to remember
  • CONS:
    • If you're reusing the same Rover you will lose the ability to see what site/service/vendor/person sold your data. For example, if you begin getting spammed to your and you have given it to 5 different sites you won't be able to tell which one actually sold your data.

28. How can I shut down or turn off a sender?

  • Said another way, you can turn off any Rover at any time. This will immediately keep your inbox from being spammed, secured from phishing attacks, and here's how you do it.
  • From the LunarMail Extension (check out the animated gif below): Generate your rover email address
  • From the LunarMail Dashboard: (check out the animated gif below): Generate your rover email address
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